Top 10 of the most wanted gifts for the 8th of March

Sociologists interviewed a great deal of women and summarized the results of their research. According to the resource Gift Ideas the top of the most wanted gifts in the world on March 8 includes:
  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is in the tenth place. It is one of the most versatile, inexpensive and popular gifts for the 8th of March. Not only gourmet and sweet tooth will appreciate the chocolate bar or a box of chocolates with a soft filling and coconut chips. Chocolate can be given to a sister, classmate, friend, neighbor or a workmate. Such a gift will show your attention and even taking care of health. After all, chocolate promotes the production of the serotonin, which calms and endorphins, which give energy. Furthermore, the cocoa contains phenyl ethylamine and theobromine, which elevate mood. Gift ideas of the chocolate are quite diverse. Why not to present an exquisite handmade chocolate.

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