TOP-10 of the best places for a wedding abroad!

10. Island Santorini, Greece
The fantastic beauty of the Greek island created by volcano, in contrast with the white houses and churches for a long time attracts lovers from all over the world who come to Santorini to get married and spend a honeymoon. Santorini is famous for the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and even there is a tradition every night to accompany the sunset in the village of Oia, which offers an incredible view to the sun setting straight into the sea.
The civil marriage is concluded by the City Hall’s representatives, and the ceremony can be held on the porch of one of the hotels of the island, amid a landscape of unearthly blazing sunset in the old premises of the hall for wine tasting or on board the magnificent vessel, sailboat copy of the 18th century. You have an opportunity to organize a romantic and modest ceremony for two, and a noisy Greek wedding with songs and dances.

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