The 5 least visited countries

Most tourist destinations can no longer surprise. Social networking tapes filled with photos of friends who visited Thailand, Barcelona and Cuba. If your goal is to travel – to be a discoverer, just pay attention to the five countries that, according to statistics of the World Tourism Organization, are visited by a few thousand visitors a year.

5. Tuvalu

Less than a thousand tourists a year visit Tuvalu. There is ocean that always noise and the beach within walking distance. Everything there is in walking distance: the area of the island nation of just 26 square kilometers – a thousand times smaller than the Crimea. And its area decreases every year: Tuvalu is gradually disappearing under the water.

You can get in Tuvalu by plane from Fiji, flights are carried out a couple of times a week. From Moscow to Fiji, airplanes fly of several airlines with transfers and the overall travel time of 26 hours. Prices, of course, sky-high, so it is unlikely that after this article the situation of tourism in Tuvalu will change much. On the island, there exists a couple of hotels. Not all-inclusive, of course, but with internet. After all, the basic income of Tuvalu is the state

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