Loneliness in the way: 9 reasons to travel without companions

For many people, the idea of a holiday spent in splendid isolation may seem strange and even dangerous. But if you want to look at the world and yourself in new ways, there is nothing better than to go to unexplored places unaccompanied. Many experienced travelers confirm that when you’re alone with yourself, ordinary tourism turns into an adventure. Inspired by the works of Kerouac and Steinbeck, we tried to identify the advantages of traveling without a companion.


9. A chance to form a bunch of new friends

Traveling alone, we are more likely to communicate with strangers. Whether it is a local resident, which you ask for directions, or another tourist – people are much more willing to go to the contact, when you are alone, without noisy company.

The spontaneous conversation in a small cafe, a long and interesting conversation in a train compartment … There is something special in a conversation with a stranger. You see this man for the first and perhaps the last time, so why not spit on convention and be yourself? It won’t work like this with usual friends.

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