The 5 least visited countries

Most tourist destinations can no longer surprise. Social networking tapes filled with photos of friends who visited Thailand, Barcelona and Cuba. If your goal is to travel – to be a discoverer, just pay attention to the five countries that, […]

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10 Most mysterious places on earth


There are many mysterious significant sites in the world. These places were thoroughly studied by scientists, historians and archeologists but some of them are so antique that it’s not evident why they had been built. We prepared a list of […]

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The most unusual places on the Earth

In a today’s collation we will tell you about the most unusual corners of our planet. They are actually unusual for their landscapes, having seen these pictures it is possible to think that these places could exist on any other […]

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14 The most beautiful cities of Europe


When we think about Europe, beautiful cities like Paris, Rome and London come to mind. These capitals are synonymous with a trip to Europe for many people. In fact, journey should not end on them – there are many beautiful […]

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