9 Common mistakes novice travelers make and the ways how to avoid them

Nowadays independent travels experience a popularity boom. The Network publishes a great number of articles about people who cross halfway around the world with only one backpack, visit the most beautiful and interesting sights, learn about the new culture. If you are inspired by such examples and think to go on the road, then, first read this article, which may save you from troubles.


9. Too many things

When you are going in a long period of independent travel for the first time, you want to take as many things as possible. Your brain is building more and more intricate situations, beginning with the words “What if all of a sudden …”, while a backpack is gradually getting more and more compacted to a state of absolutely unliftable thing.

Stop! Remember that all of this you will have to carry on your back and it can turn a trip into the torture. Typically, a person needs very little things for life, and those in lack may be found almost everywhere. The ability to get ready for a trip comes with experience, but it is better to make up your mind to take only the least.

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