8 Spices and herbs to help you lose weight

It is probably an open secret that food has a special influence on our appearance and especially on our body. Because of the regular overnutrition and unhealthy diet the body becomes quaggy and gets fat, but keeping healthy diet we look fresh and trim. But how some spices and herbs or other can affect the figure? You’ll be surprised at how some of them can speed up the process of fat-burning and help you achieve the cherished goal.

  1. Anise. This spice’s unique nutritional properties were duly appreciated in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. The slaves there used anise with its harsh odor to damp appetite, as they had to do hard physical work. Anise was also consumed in Ancient Rus, however, it gained widespread currency in Russia only in the 19th century. While cooking some spice fruits of anise with freshening action and sweetish taste predominantly are used. Anise has a stimulatory effect on the motor and secretory functions of digestive tract and possesses expectorative and disinfectant properties. It also settles the stomach, enhances the secretion of stomach acid and of urine, having a favorable effect on the process of losing weight.
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