6 Rules of the healthy diet in new 2016 year

When we speak about improving our diet (or any other changes related to health), there is no quick way to achieve the goals. Improving diet or achieving the weight loss (which usually stands at the head of all the problems, especially if you’re reading this) requires practice, patience and perseverance: after all, you will need to change their lives and habits. Below you will see some of the most important habits of healthy diet that you can implement to your life. Select two or three at a time, so as not to overwhelm yourself and work only on attainable goals.


6. Start your day with the breakfast
It’s still the most important food intake per day, as breakfast starts the metabolism, gives us energy and fuel in order to function, focus and concentrate, and if it contains good sources of protein, a breakfast will prevent cravings for frequent snacking during the day. If your goal is to lose a few kilos and maintain a healthy weight, breakfast is an essential tool for this.

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