5 Rules of a stylish women

Clothes, in which you will always look good.

To keep up with fashion is almost impossible, because each successive season brings new trends. But the style is not about buying the latest collections of the designers… It’s the clothes that are in perfect harmony with each other, which fits you like a glove, it’s the details (silk scarf, shoes, bracelet) — in short, everything we do not see at fashion shows. We picked five tips that will help you look good and tasteful!

  1. Still, do not be a miser! There are things that will always be popular, such as: leather jacket, wool coat, sheepskin coat, evening shoes, bag and clutch. These items of clothing you must have and go on for shopping in the boutique. For example, you will buy a good and expensive pair of shoes, and then you will wear them at least ten years.
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