16 Funny Photos To Sum Up How 2016 Kicked You In The Balls

Would it be too insensitive to ask how 2016 is treating you? If so, you’re not the only one. We’ve all had a(n) [enter heavy adjective] year or at least know someone who has, and the end of it can’t come soon enough.

Some of us have lost jobs, loved ones, or faith in humanity, and if you are one of them, our thoughts are with you. We are all in dire need of a reset. Just ask imgur user victor777alorange, who put together a collection of photos that sum up our feelings entirely. All of these photos are of kids, which is perfect, because that’s exactly how so many of us feel!

The list has generated nearly 200,000 views, which shows just how much it’s resonated with the public. Just as my mother always told me, there’s a time for everything, and at some point, it will be time for you to laugh again.

Was there any point this year that you felt like the world was turned completely upside down?


Here’s a kind reminder for all those times that you had too much of a good thing. Remember this: “All things in moderation.”


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