10 Most mysterious places on earth

There are many mysterious significant sites in the world. These places were thoroughly studied by scientists, historians and archeologists but some of them are so antique that it’s not evident why they had been built. We prepared a list of the most mysterious places on earth which still invite many questions and deceive researchers. The stories about several of these places were in our previous issues so in the list we’re going to refer to the details. By references in the topic you’ll find a load of interesting articles and pictures.

  1. To begin with, the tenth place is Cahokia mounds.

Cahokia is a name of the Indian colony near Illinois, USA. According to archeologists, the city was established in 650 AD and the difficult structure of its buildings proves that it used to be a highly developed and prosperous society. At its height 40 000 Indians lived in Cahokia, so it had been the most densely populated colony until the Europeans arrived. The main sights of Cahokia are the earth mounds 100 ft high 2200 acres in area. All over the town there are also many terraces and it is recognized that the most important buildings as the government house were built on the highest terraces. While diggings the wooden solar calendar called Woodhenge was discovered. The calendar was both a religious and astrologic part of the community’s life: the people stroked off days of solstice and equinox.

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